Which potted plant is worth having? This one will come in handy not only in the kitchen. Which potted plant is worth having? This one will come in handy not only in the kitchen.

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You definitely have his dried leaves in the spice drawer. You add them to broths, various sauces, or marinades. You probably don't know him by his real name - noble laurel, but you can't imagine cooking without him. It turns out that the list of uses for the laurel bush and its leaves doesn't end in the kitchen.

Numerous properties of laurel leaves were already known in ancient Greece and Rome. Southern Europe and northern Africa are, in fact, the natural habitat of the laurel. And although this plant still thrives best in a very warm climate, it can be cultivated in Poland as long as it is kept warm during the winter, either in a house or apartment.

The shrub is quite large, as it can grow up to 3 meters in height. Its vines are rich in leaves, which, when dried, are one of the most popular spices in our country. However, using the laurel shrub exclusively in culinary form is a significant waste of the plant’s potential. It has many other valuable properties, including those considered magical.

Are you superstitious? You should put at least one pot with noble laurel in your place. Already in ancient times, it was believed that it cleanses the house from bad energy and attracts prosperity and happiness. Not without reason laurel wreaths adorned the heads of sports champions.

According to tradition, individual leaves should also be kept in a wallet – as a symbol of financial success, and under a pillow – to chase away bad thoughts and cleanse the mind.

Infusions made from bay leaves are used in many cases. They are highly valued by those who have digestive problems – poor appetite, constipation, or heartburn. They also eliminate toxins from the body. They help with throat infections and urinary tract infections. They also help in the fight against toothache – in such cases, the mouth should be rinsed with the infusion.

People struggling with high cholesterol should also reach for it – the infusion will help lower its level in the blood. Similarly to glucose.

The infusion of noble laurel leaves can also be used externally. It works great against dandruff and acne.

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Place a few bay leaves in an ashtray or similar container and set them on fire. Wait until the fire extinguishes and smoke starts to emerge. The two compounds contained in it – linalool and eugenol – will contribute to reducing stress, tension, and anxiety.

This method is recommended when we want to cleanse our respiratory tract. The steam emanating from soaked bay leaves will help get rid of mucus. This inhalation is also recommended for people suffering from asthma.

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The use of the aroma of bay leaves has another aspect. Insects really dislike it. Simply place a few dried leaves in food drawers to keep food moths away.

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