When to ferment cabbage? Don’t miss this deadline, you can save a lot. When to ferment cabbage? Don’t miss this deadline, you can save a lot.

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We are increasingly returning to preparing homemade pickles and preserves for the winter. The unforgettable taste from childhood and a clean composition without chemicals are not the only arguments for making them. By preparing delicious supplies, you can save a lot.

If you can’t wait for homemade preserves, we have good news. You don’t have to wait until late autumn to start pickling cabbage, although that is the most popular time. Check when is the best time to prepare preserves and pickles.

As the old Polish sayings go: “after Saint Tekla, we will chop cabbage” or “on Saint Jadwiga, we will pickle cabbage.” The first holiday falls on September 23rd, while the second falls on October 15th. Which of these dates is the best? It turns out that you can boldly start preparing your pickled vegetables now, there is nothing stopping you.

September is the best time to prepare young sauerkraut. If you enjoy its taste, don’t hesitate. In October and November, cabbage will be cheaper, but it will already have a different, mature taste.

Both terms mentioned in folk proverbs are correct. You decide which sauerkraut you like the most. Also, don’t worry about superstitions, according to some, fermenting cabbage (after All Saints’ Day) may harm it and cause it to spoil.

In the past, fermenting cabbage was not only a way to preserve food for the winter months, but also a big social event. Cabbage was fermented in a wide circle of neighbors and family. Housewives would gather to prepare cabbage barrels, and the whole family would participate in the work. Although today we consider it a regular kitchen activity and few people prepare such large quantities of fermented cabbage, it may be worth using old customs and treating fermentation as a good opportunity to meet with friends. However, for hygienic reasons, we discourage stomping on cabbage with bare feet.

Handmade preparation of pickles is a great way to save money at home and ensure that our preserves do not have artificial and harmful additives. Thanks to this, during the winter months, we will be able to enjoy delicious and healthy salads or sauerkraut. The juice from fermented cabbage is also an excellent product in itself. Do you know how sauerkraut affects health?

Sauerkraut is an absolute superfood that deserves all the praise. It is packed with vitamin C and is an exceptionally good and strong probiotic. All its properties are not exaggerated, and the consumption of sauerkraut has been the subject of many studies and scientific publications.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | House