The best kitchen water filter – TOP 5 kitchen filters ranking. The best kitchen water filter – TOP 5 kitchen filters ranking.

According to the information from the Main Sanitary Inspectorate, most households receive drinking water that is suitable for consumption without additional treatment. At least it should be, as that is the water that flows out of the water supply system. However, the condition of the infrastructure through which it reaches the taps, as well as the installations in houses or apartment buildings, may leave much to be desired. In order to safely drink tap water, it is worth equipping oneself with an appropriate filter.

Suppliers of drinking water, also known as public waterworks, are obliged to comply with appropriate water quality standards. However, disinfectants, such as chlorine, which make the water safe, can be problematic as they can alter the taste, smell, and even appearance of the water. Another significant problem can be sediment, which is responsible for contaminating appliances such as coffee makers or ice machines. Instead of settling for unpleasant-tasting water and risking the quick deterioration of small and large household appliances, it is better to install suitable water filters in the home.

What are sink filters and how do they work?

Kitchen filters are installed in the place where we most often draw drinking water – under the sink. Hence their name – under-sink filters or sink filters. This is the simplest and at the same time the most effective way of purifying drinking water in a household. Their use is particularly recommended in households where the quality of tap water leaves much to be desired (e.g. in apartments located in old multi-family houses with long-unrenovated water supply systems), as well as in households where people with weakened immune systems live (infants and young children, seniors, chronically ill individuals). To obtain reliable information about the quality of drinking water at home, it is necessary to contact the Sanitary Epidemiological Station or the water supplier to provide the

As we know, the kitchen filter is usually installed under the sink. Depending on the chosen model, we can talk about several types of filtration. In the case of mechanical filtration, the role of the filters is to eliminate sediment: pollutants or sand that are trapped by subsequent, increasingly finer sieves. This type of filter can be useful especially when using our own water source. The second level of purification is usually a carbon filter with activated carbon. It is suitable for both water treatment and removal of unwanted components. In the case of tap water, it is primarily about chlorine and organic compounds, which improves the taste and smell of water. Some users choose to install more advanced filters: iron removal filters (requiring preliminary mechanical filtration), water softeners (

What are the advantages of using kitchen water filters?

– Very effective cleansing. Depending on the chosen filter, the water is free from mechanical impurities, chlorine, and heavy metals, as well as from pathogenic microorganisms, and even radioactive elements (in the case of filters utilizing reverse osmosis).

Improving the taste, smell, and appearance of water. Sometimes even very healthy water can look, taste, or smell uninviting. The residents of areas rich in sulfur waters, characterized by specific organoleptic properties, are most aware of this.

– Ease of assembly and use. The use of under-sink filters does not require knowledge of plumbing, anyone is able to connect the device independently and also perform maintenance independently (e.g. replacing the filter cartridge).

The under-sink filter is also an economical solution – the purchase itself does not strain the household budget, while the obtained purified water is much cheaper than bottled water.

TOP 5 kitchen water filters – editorial compilation

Especially the first purchase of a kitchen filter can be problematic – we don’t yet know exactly what our expectations are and what type of filtration will meet our needs. To shorten the decision-making process, we have prepared an editorial compilation of what we believe are the five best under-sink filters. Check them out!

Aquaphor is a company engaged in research and production activities in over 40 countries worldwide. Its most important products include filters and solutions related to water treatment and purification, both for personal and household use, as well as for corporate and institutional use. Aquaphor holds several dozen patents and continues to conduct research aimed at creating new products and technologies that will improve the quality of people’s lives and care for the natural environment.

The Crystal B Eco is a top-class under-sink filter equipped with a capillary membrane. It removes mechanical impurities, as well as bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals, allergens, toxins, and petroleum products, while preserving the beneficial mineral components of water. It is exceptionally convenient to use – you can install the additional spout included in the set or use a three-way faucet, which allows both tap water (e.g. for washing) and filtered water (e.g. for drinking) to flow from one tap. The described filter meets the expectations of customers who value healthy and tasty water as well as user comfort. It is worth mentioning the low costs – the filter’s efficiency is as high as 8000 liters, which

Aquafilter Company was founded nearly 40 years ago in the USA, and just two years later it arrived in Poland. Since its inception, its mission has been to improve the standard of living by ensuring people’s access to clean water. The production of filter components takes place exclusively in Europe, and their high quality is confirmed by numerous certificates. The company focuses on modern technologies and a skilled workforce.

The Excito-B under-sink filter is one of the most advanced devices in its class available on the Polish market. It contains several filtering cartridges that purify water from various types of pollutants: mechanical, softening and iron-removing, two carbon filters (clarifying water and removing chlorine and heavy metals), and a capillary membrane that captures microorganisms with a precision of up to 0.02 µm (thus stopping viruses like the flu or E.coli bacteria). The set includes a tap that facilitates the retrieval of filtered water.

The producer of the AquaTap filter is Viessmann – a family company with over 100 years of tradition and a leading manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems on the international arena. As a complement to its offer, the company also has products for improving the quality of drinking water in its portfolio.

The AquaTap filter is an excellent alternative to filtering jugs. It has a small size – it consists of a single cartridge and is extremely easy to install – it does not require the use of an additional tap. The cartridge allows for the filtration of 7500 liters of water, which means that depending on usage and the quality of the raw water, it is sufficient to replace it every 6-12 months. This process takes a few seconds and does not require any tools. AquaTap captures impurities up to 5 microns (for comparison, the thickness of a human hair is about 100 microns). It filters water continuously, while retaining all minerals and does not cause a drop in water pressure. It removes mechanical impurities,

Global Water is a Polish company with over 30 years of tradition. Since its inception, the company has been offering water filters for use in homes and businesses. Global Water can boast numerous innovations, including a nanofiltration system, a patented water treatment system, and environmentally friendly ozone-regenerated iron removers. The company exports its products to European markets and collaborates with key companies in the industry.

The GW3 CM UV under-sink filter is equipped with 6 levels of filtration, allowing for exceptionally effective removal of both mechanical sediments and undesirable water components (such as chlorine or excess calcium), as well as viruses and bacteria. The attached UV lamp is responsible for the unique quality of the filter, as it is lethal to microorganisms while not causing any mineral depletion of the water.

Top Filter is a Polish company specializing in water treatment solutions for households, as well as for food and industrial purposes. The company’s advantages include a qualified staff, verified partners – global companies from the water treatment industry, as well as the possibility of customizing products to meet individual customer requirements.

SF3 is a three-stage filter designed for household use. The three separate cartridges remove larger sediments (such as sand), smaller impurities (such as sludge, rust), as well as the finest undesirable components in drinking water – chlorine, numerous inorganic and organic compounds. The filter eliminates bacteria from the water and also softens hard water, making it easier to maintain household appliances (such as coffee machines). The set is very easy to install and can be installed independently.

The alternative to an under-sink filter can be considered a filtering pitcher. To some extent, the functions of both devices do overlap. However, it is worth remembering that a kitchen filter is much more effective (removes more impurities) and more efficient (there is no need to wait for the full pitcher to be filtered again when we need several liters of water). Purchasing an under-sink filter seems to be the best possible solution, so it is really worth considering.

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