Refresh your outfit with trendy shoes. We have chosen top models of New Balance. Refresh your outfit with trendy shoes. We have chosen top models of New Balance.


The smallest details determine the final look of the styling. Do not choose random footwear. Proper shoes are crucial, complement the outfit, define, provide comfort and convenience. Streetwear New Balance shoes enjoy undiminished popularity. There is a real craze for them. We decided to check which women's models are best to choose.

Choosing the right shoes can often be quite a challenge. It’s important to match a specific model to your figure, feet, outfit, and occasion. This inconspicuous wardrobe element can either be the finishing touch to creating a fashionable stylization or effectively disrupt and ruin it. Luckily, there are shoes that are so versatile that they go well with pants, dresses, skirts, for everyday wear, for meeting friends, shopping, and even for work!

New Balance is an American brand that first released shoes on the market in 1982. Since then, influencers, movie stars, teenagers, women, and men of all ages have eagerly reached for them. Initially, these shoes were a symbol of status and an object of desire, but now they are easily accessible in various models and colors, allowing you to easily match them with your favorite outfits. New Balance shoes are understated and neutral, giving outfits a simple, fashionable look.

New Balance 302 is available in 6 colors and belongs to the category of sneakers. They are distinguished by a low-profile upper made of combined materials, a soft collar, numerous stitching, as well as a comfortable insole, a grippy outsole, and a midsole made of elastic foam. Of course, the iconic “N” logo is not missing on the sides of the shoes. They look slim on the foot and will be a good choice for jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses.

These are sneakers inspired by a model from NBA games. This model is durable and timeless. The upper is made of genuine leather and synthetic material. The heel of the shoes has been reinforced, providing greater stability to the foot. The ventilation of the footwear and the antibacterial properties of the soft lining and cushioning insole will take care of your health. The sole is so elastic that every step will be properly cushioned. The shoes will go well with streetwear and casual outfits in a light tone.

Model 574 is already iconic. It combines timeless classic and innovative technologies. The shoes are made of soft suede leather and mesh. They fit the feet perfectly, while preventing overheating and providing proper ventilation. The sole guarantees support and ensures safety with every step. The footwear is equipped with the ENCAP system, which is responsible for cushioning and dampening excessive shocks.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | Fashion