It costs less than 40 zł and provides relief for back pain. It loosens stiff spine. It costs less than 40 zł and provides relief for back pain. It loosens stiff spine.

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A sedentary lifestyle contributes to the occurrence of chronic back pain. Constant muscle tension leads to discomfort in the spinal area and hinders daily functioning. Do you know this? We do too! This simple device will help alleviate discomfort and relax the entire body. You can also massage your feet with it!

It relieves chronic back pain and improves flexibility by loosening the muscles of the spine, all for less than 40 zł! This gadget may look inconspicuous, but you will feel its beneficial effects after the first use. While using it, you may just be lying down, but you are also exercising your entire body! Don’t worry about pain during use – the device has a soft sponge that protects the spine during stretching.

The device for stretching the back weighs only 0.5 kg and is able to support a weight of up to 100 kg. The gadget is equipped with two side panels with special acupressure protrusions that stimulate the muscles and the lower back area. “Lying training” can be performed by adjusting the device to one of the three levels. The first level is recommended for beginners – in this gentle position, the back is not overly curved and is strongly flattened. If you don’t feel discomfort at the first level, you can move on to the second level, which increases the flexibility of the back. The last position of the device provides maximum stretching of the spine and is recommended for advanced users.

The back stretching device has been equipped with Velcro straps, which allow it to be mounted to a car seat, which will surely appeal to drivers who often travel long distances. It can also be attached to an office chair and used to massage the back while working at the computer.

More good for the back during lying down – acupressure mats.

Regular use of an acupressure mat has a relaxing and pain-relieving effect on the spine. Among the benefits of using this “spiky mat” are also the alleviation of physical symptoms of chronic stress, insomnia, and poor blood circulation. It is recommended to have a home acupressure session lasting approximately 20 minutes.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | House