Inexpensive coffee grinders with a burr system. Models to buy blindly. Inexpensive coffee grinders with a burr system. Models to buy blindly.

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Assembling a set necessary for every coffee lover, it's worth starting with a grinder. And not just any grinder! Consider only devices equipped with a burr grinding system. You don't have to immediately spend a fortune on equipment, but don't choose the cheapest option available on the market either, which is a grinder with a blade system - devices of this type, instead of grinding the beans, crush them into dust, thereby depriving the brew of essential flavor qualities. Check out our compilation.

The first proposal tempts with its price at first sight. An automatic grinder with a burr system for less than 160 PLN? Yes, it’s possible! The Łucznik CG-2019 is equipped with an eighteen-step grinding gradation, making it ideal for preparing coffee using both pressure and pour-over methods. The convenient knob will indicate which setting is suitable for an espresso machine, French press, or dripper. The built-in intelligent dosing system allows for precise measurement of the weight of the ground beans.

MELITTA Molino 1019-02 EU is another inexpensive grinder with great potential. The device grinds the beans evenly, thanks to the function of adjusting the distance between the two grinding discs. 17 grinding levels provide a wide range for experimenting with the taste of brewed coffee. The convenient knob located at the top of the grinder allows you to select the desired amount of ground beans, ranging from 2 to 14 cups. The container can hold up to 200g of coffee, so you don’t have to refill the beans after each use of the grinder. The foldable design of the MELITTA Molino makes it very easy to keep clean.

This is the most expensive proposal from this compilation. Eta Experto, as the name suggests, is dedicated to home baristas who already have some experience in brewing coffee using various methods. The conical burrs grind coffee beans with the highest precision, making it a piece of cake to prepare delicious espresso! You can grind the coffee directly into the portafilter – just place it under the grinder’s outlet hole. You can manage the amount of ground coffee by setting the number of cups or seconds (from 1 to 50 seconds / from 2 to 10 cups).

GRAEF CM 702 is a grinder with a minimalist design and a powerful motor. It has been equipped with conical burrs made of noble steel and a 30-step grind size adjustment! It is an ideal proposition for people who, apart from espresso, want to experiment with alternative coffee brewing methods. The ground coffee beans will land directly in the included container or flask, depending on what you choose. You can also store unground beans in the container located at the top of the device without worrying about them going stale – all thanks to the automatic closing function of the bean hopper.

The last proposition in this compilation is a manual burr grinder from the well-known Japanese brand Hario, loved by all coffee enthusiasts. This small device is made of durable plastic, and its grinding precision is ensured by ceramic burrs. The stylish handle gives the grinder a retro look and pays homage to the technique of grinding beans before the invention of automatic devices. The capacity of the Hario CMHN-4 allows for grinding up to 120g of coffee at once. To achieve this, a bit of effort is required, but we guarantee that it’s worth it!

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | House