IFA 2023 Trade Fair. Hits that impressed us in the Samsung brand pavilion. IFA 2023 Trade Fair. Hits that impressed us in the Samsung brand pavilion.


Although it may seem that technological innovations are already so advanced that they have nothing to surprise us with, a visit to the IFA 2023 trade fair in Berlin successfully changed our way of thinking. A smart refrigerator that can suggest a dish based on the ingredients it contains? Or perhaps a washing machine with an energy-saving mode supported by artificial intelligence? Honestly, we admit that we would most eagerly take several of these appliances home right away. Which ones impressed us the most?

Walking between the stands at this year’s IFA technology fair, we immersed ourselves in the world of interesting proposals from Korean Samsung. Its pavilion impressed not only with the aesthetics of the presented equipment but also with how integral ecological solutions are to the brand’s activities, combining environmental care with control over our expenses. Although each proposal meets different needs, they are all connected by one thing – the SmartThings application, which allows us to control all devices from our phone. Blinds that open themselves at a specific time, or maybe a stove with a camera that allows us to observe the progress of what is inside? We have gathered a few interesting proposals for you that are worth keeping an eye on when planning to buy or replace household appliances.

Samsung’s news at the IFA 2023 trade fair. What impressed us the most?

Even if you are not a huge enthusiast of technological innovations, the IFA 2023 trade fair definitely makes an impression. The multitude of devices and diverse approach to making our daily lives easier truly inspires and makes us aware of how much time we waste on doing something that appliances can do for us, not only better and faster, but also more environmentally friendly.

Looking at the new proposals of Samsung washing machines, we were not only impressed by the AI mode, which is part of the SmartThings Energy system, allowing us to use up to 70% less energy during washing, but also by the filter that was created in collaboration between Samsung and the Ocean Wise organization, as well as the clothing manufacturer, Patagonia. The Less Microfiber™ filter, as an external attachment, works with washing machines from various brands and is capable of capturing up to 98% of microplastic particles that would otherwise end up in the oceans. All of this is packaged in a modern design that fits into any interior and satisfies everyone, regardless of their priorities.

Another thing that we simply couldn’t ignore is the refrigerator, which is attractive not only because of its design (beautiful, interchangeable panels created in collaboration with the Italian creative studio TOILETPAPER, which can be placed on the front), but also because of the Samsung Food application that transforms the refrigerator from a regular kitchen appliance into something that can help us make shopping lists, keep track of what we have on the shelves, and even improve our eating habits. Interestingly, there are plans to develop the application using Food AI technology, which will allow the app to adjust recipes to our preferences and dietary requirements. It’s impressive, isn’t it?

It might seem that there are many tracking applications for what and how we eat, but Samsung Food has a significant advantage over them – thanks to its connection with compatible Samsung ovens, it sends them information about the cooking time and the appropriate temperature, making baking almost foolproof.

Staying on the topic of ovens, we cannot fail to mention the new products we saw at the trade fair. Although those functioning like popular air fryers, preparing food without the use of fat, and those with a sous-vide function, are already impressive with their multitude of applications, we also need to mention the Samsung Bespoke oven series, which includes a camera that allows a view of what is happening inside. Some may question whether this is an absolute must-have.

Although there were many devices present in the Samsung pavilion at the IFA 2023 trade fair, and many of them stole our hearts almost immediately, it must be admitted that not every one of us has the opportunity to start our adventure with smart solutions by purchasing a refrigerator, washing machine, oven, vacuum cleaner, or smart TV, regardless of how much we like the idea of controlling household appliances from an application.

– Up to 55 percent of our customers claim that security is extremely important to them. Their needs are met not only by SmartTag, which can be attached, for example, to a suitcase or a dog collar, allowing us to have control over their location, but also by cameras and sensors that can be connected together, creating their own private ecosystem both at home and outside of it – explains Nathan Sheffield, Head of IOT & SmartThings, whom we had the opportunity to interview at the fair, asking him where to start when we want to make our lives easier in a smart way, but (at least initially) on a slightly smaller scale.

– Another thing is lighting, for example in the form of smart bulbs that we can control from the SmartThings application. With these, we can not only turn them on and off, but also synchronize them with the tempo of the music, video, or even games played on the TV by installing them around it. SmartThings is an open ecosystem that includes thousands of different devices, from those that ensure safety and health to those that provide entertainment. This is just the beginning of what is possible – it adds, leaving us with a big dilemma: where to start?

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | House