How to root plants? Add this sweet ingredient to the water. How to root plants? Add this sweet ingredient to the water.

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Indoor plants are an essential element of every home for many people. They create a cozy atmosphere in the room. If we want to have a lot of them, it is worth exploring the issue of their propagation. We suggest how to do it to ensure the success of the entire process. One secret ingredient from the pantry will be helpful.

How to enrich your collection of potted plants? The best way is to propagate them. In this way, practically without much financial investment, you can create a real forest in your home.

Some varieties can be planted directly into the ground, but there are also those that need some time and conditions to develop roots. For this purpose, we immerse the young shoots in water. Unfortunately, although effective, this method has its drawback – for some varieties, waiting for new roots to form can take a lot of time.

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Although there are many products available on the market that allow for speeding up this process, we recommend a proven, homemade method.

To promote the growth of new roots in water, you should add some “accelerator” to it. A popular substance is aloe, which has antibacterial properties and protects young plants from microbes. However, we recommend something else, namely honey.

Just dip a spoonful of honey in the water where the plant is standing. The honey will saturate it with nutrients. It will protect against fungi and bacteria, creating a good environment for growth.

However, it should be remembered that this is only a treatment – and as such, it must be limited in time. Do not keep the plants in the honey solution for longer than 24 hours. This is enough time for the honey to nourish them.

Plants are primarily the process of photosynthesis and the resulting oxygen. By being among vegetation, we oxygenate our bodies, which positively affects our health and well-being.

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Some plants are able to absorb harmful substances emitted from various materials such as paints, varnishes, or carpets. They are also good allies in the fight against cigarette smoke.

Plants increase the level of air humidity, which is particularly important during the heating season when dry air has a destructive effect on our skin.

Staying in rooms full of green plants improves our mood and calms our nerves. After all, growing potted plants is a fantastic hobby.

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