Four trendiest patterns for autumn Four trendiest patterns for autumn

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Autumn doesn't have to be sad and boring at all! Since the leaves on the trees take on various colors, it's worth incorporating vibrant colors into your autumn wardrobe. This season, we especially focus on colorful patterns that will give you a boost of good energy even on a rainy, gloomy day!

Which patterns will dominate in the autumn trends for 2023? See our picks and get inspired!

Spots, zebra stripes, tiger fur pattern, or snake skin? Animal prints have appeared on the world’s fashion runways and can also be seen in the collections of popular retail chains. The immortal panther print reigns supreme, kept in shades of brown and gray.

They decorate dresses, blouses, and even coats and warm sweaters. Although for many, they are synonymous with kitsch, skillfully stylized ones give the wardrobe an extravagant character. It is a perfect proposition for women who are not afraid of fashion experiments and sometimes like to show their claws. Sometimes, just one patterned element is enough to liven up the outfit. Therefore, a small animal accent will be a great solution!

Stripes can be associated with the popular nautical summer style. However, the truth is that the trend for this pattern comes back every few seasons. Last year, the most popular ones were colorful, bold, and asymmetrical. This time, it’s worth going for the classic, which is black and white stripes. This combination is elegant, timeless, and perfectly matches every element of a woman’s wardrobe. So it’s no wonder that black and white stripes will adorn dresses, blazers, shirts, and warm sweaters this autumn.

Checkered pattern is definitely one of the autumn classics. It returns every year when temperatures start to drop and the day becomes shorter. It gives a sense of coziness, while at the same time being surprisingly versatile. After all, checkered pattern has been functioning in fashion for centuries. It can take the form of tartan, created from intersecting stripes of different colors and widths, gingham pattern arranged in a regular pattern of equal squares, or the classic Burberry check (red-white-black check on a beige background). Other types of checkered patterns include houndstooth and argyle, which are diagonal lines forming characteristic diamonds.

In this season, it’s worth not only investing in stylish checkered accessories but also in a patterned total look or at least large wardrobe items covered in this motif. Checkered coats, dresses, and extremely fashionable women’s suits will prove to be a bullseye. There should also be no shortage of checkered blazers in the autumn wardrobe!

Flowers usually adorn spring and summer clothes. But who said they don’t fit into an autumn wardrobe? After all, flowers still bloom in gardens during autumn: dahlias, asters, heathers, or gentians.

On colder days, we will primarily reach for darker clothes adorned with floral prints (although light sweaters with floral designs will also appear on store shelves). Colorful plants beautifully contrast with a black or navy base, enlivening autumn stylizations and bringing a bit of colorful optimism to them. There will also be no shortage of typical autumn reds, bottle greens, or dark purples.

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