Four dress models that we will fall in love with in autumn. Four dress models that we will fall in love with in autumn.


The upcoming autumn doesn't have to mean giving up on dresses! Many models look great with opaque tights, ankle boots, leather jackets, or short cardigans. Which dress models will be particularly fashionable in the upcoming season? Check out our suggestions for autumn 2023!

Velvet has so far been mainly associated with outfits for special occasions, but now it is increasingly appearing in more casual editions. Thanks to its sophisticated character, it works perfectly as a base for styling for family celebrations or festive (although not always formal) parties. However, there is nothing stopping you from wearing a dress made of velvet-like material for a walk or casual social gatherings – especially if they have a simple or oversized cut.

Velvet, also known as velour, is a fabric with short, soft hair that shines depending on the angle of light. It is durable, quite dense, and at the same time pleasant to the touch. Thanks to its decorative and somewhat sophisticated character, velvet makes even simple designs eye-catching. We are particularly enchanted by loose velvet dresses with hoods and sensual mini models in deep shades of bottle green or red.

Knitwear is soft, elastic, and fits well to the body. Dresses made from it are an excellent choice for cooler days – they not only provide a fashionable look but also thermal comfort. Knit dresses can resemble long, oversized sweaters with a distinct weave, but they also look beautiful in fitted models. Garments made of knit fabric are often finished with a turtleneck or a voluminous collar softly falling on the shoulders. In this season, fitted knit models that reach the knees or slightly below will be a hit. Especially those adorned with buttons look great.

Dresses for colder days usually have long sleeves. These elements not only provide thermal comfort but can also serve a decorative role. They can be dramatically expanded, varied with puffs or pleats, or adorned with flirtatious lacing. They can completely change the character of the outfit and easily diversify everyday styling.

It is worth paying special attention to the puffy sleeves that end with a narrow cuff – they are very decorative and at the same time do not interfere with performing daily activities.

Pepitka, Scottish, vichy, tartan – plaid has many faces. For decades, it has remained one of the trendiest patterns, and it enjoys particular popularity in the autumn season. The same will happen in the upcoming season – plaid dresses will once again reign on store shelves.

What style of checkered dresses should you go for? Everything indicates that the most fashionable will be simple mini models and shirt dresses (also in a short version). However, in stores’ offer, you can also find many other cuts!

August, 2023 Armen Aramyan | Fashion