Fashionable handbags for autumn 2023. Fashionable handbags for autumn 2023.


We will say goodbye to our summer wardrobe in just a moment - cool mornings and evenings leave no illusions that autumn is approaching. And with it... new fashion trends! We are taking a look at new collections and fashion runways in search of the trendiest handbags. Check out our picks!

One of the important trends in the coming months are really large, spacious bags. The most fashionable will be those in the form of a classic shopper – roomy, comfortable, and suitable for everything. The shopper bag was designed with shopaholics in mind – it has a spacious main compartment that can fit even quite large items. Since it proves to be indispensable during a shopping spree, it will also be useful for carrying a second breakfast or a book that will make your journey in public transport more enjoyable. Not without reason is the shopper bag called the most comfortable bag in the world!

Bags on a chain are usually small and delicate. They go well with elegant dresses or formal blazers, but there is nothing stopping you from wearing them with casual everyday outfits – especially if they are larger, spacious models. The chains on which the bags are suspended usually have a delicate, quite minimalist form. However, if you opt for a large bag in which you plan to carry heavier items – pay attention to ensure that the chain is complemented by a leather insert that will not dig into your shoulder.

In the autumn, however, we will not only focus on classics. The fashion world has gone crazy for bags in unique shapes. Special attention should be paid to round models. They are extraordinary and will perfectly liven up autumn outfits. Usually, they are quite small in size, so they work best for outings when all you need is a wallet, phone, and lipstick. However, you can also take advantage of this trend by looking for a more spacious bag for everyday use! There are many models available for sale with rounded shapes – including semi-circular, spacious messenger bags.

Red handbags appear in both the autumn collections of global fashion houses and in the offers of popular retail chains. Everything suggests that they will become one of the trendiest accessories of the upcoming season. They come in practically all sizes and styles – from small crossbody bags to spacious shoppers. They are united by one thing – a vibrant, lively color that will beautifully enliven autumn stylizations.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | Fashion