Evaporative humidifier at a good price. Evaporative humidifier at a good price.

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Home appliances rarely boast an extraordinary appearance that is hard to take your eyes off. And if such a situation does occur, these devices usually cost much more than "ordinary" models. We have found a unique air humidifier designed by a Swiss designer that will surprise you with its price.

World-renowned brands of household appliances are increasingly focusing on the design of their products and inviting talented designers with a wide portfolio to collaborate. Matti Walker is a Swiss designer who believes that improving the quality of users’ lives is just as important as the highest functionality and thoughtful design of the devices he creates. In collaboration with the Stadler Form brand, he has designed, among other things, air humidifiers that, in addition to their unconventional form, are characterized by high efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Get to know the Oskar evaporative humidifiers with their captivating yet versatile design.

Matti Walker, the designer responsible for bringing Oskar to life, focuses on minimalism. Home appliance designs should be simple, elegant, and ergonomic. The Oskar evaporative humidifier is made from environmentally friendly materials, creating a win-win situation by improving indoor air quality and minimizing negative impact on the climate. The humidifier provides excellent conditions for rooms up to 50 m². It operates extremely quietly (at levels of 26-39 dB), and the built-in hygrostat helps with precise air humidification.

The Oskar evaporative humidifier operates energy efficiently – when the water level in the tank decreases, the power consumption also decreases. This is a feature that, contrary to appearances, is not a standard in the humidifier market. Oskar’s efficiency is as high as 370 g/hour, which, in cooperation with a 3.5 L water tank, allows the humidifier to work continuously for approximately 9 hours. Furthermore, the device is equipped with an antibacterial filter with a specific microstructure, which will take care of the air quality in the room chosen by us for Oskar in a professional and precise manner.

The designer, minimalist look of the humidifier brings to mind a small exhibit from a contemporary art gallery. The simple form of Oskar will be a great addition to interior design in both modern and more classical styles.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | House