Diana was wearing a sweater with a black sheep. They “discovered” a hidden message with it. Diana was wearing a sweater with a black sheep. They “discovered” a hidden message with it.

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This unique sweater of Princess Diana lay in the attic for over 40 years. Now it has reached a staggering price at an auction in New York, significantly exceeding its initial valuation. An anonymous buyer paid nearly 1 million pounds for it.

The initial valuation of the sweater at an auction in the New York headquarters of the auction house Sotheby’s was 40-64 thousand pounds, which is approximately 215-345 thousand złotys. Ultimately, it was sold for 920 thousand pounds, which is equivalent to 4.9 million złotys. The auction house did not reveal the identity of the buyer.

Sotheby’s is known for interesting auctions where you can acquire items and clothing belonging to the biggest celebrities. Recently, it was possible to bid for the furnishings of Freddie Mercury’s London home, known as Garden Lodge.

The red sweater with a black sheep motif among rows of white was designed by Sally Muir and Joanne Osborne from Warm and Wonderful, a brand founded in 1979. Only 19-year-old Diana Spencer was wearing it during a polo match, where she was watching Prince Charles play, then still her fiancé.

Commentators of the royal family’s life claimed at the time that the pattern was “Diana’s suggestion on how she perceived herself in the royal family – as an exceptional person.”

Two letters from Buckingham Palace were attached to the sweater, explaining in a polite manner that the sweater had been damaged and requesting repair or replacement. In response, the company Warm and Wonderful sent a replacement sweater to the Duchess, which she wore in 1983. The original sweater was returned to Joanna Osborne and spent over 40 years in a box in the attic of her house. The designer rediscovered it in 2023.

Apart from Princess Diana’s sweater, Sotheby’s auction also featured Kate Winslet and Michelle Obama’s dresses, Madonna’s veil from the “Vanity Fair” photoshoot in 2023, Sarah Jessica Parker’s wedding brooch worn in the movie “Sex and the City,” and several handbags.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | Fashion