Cast iron pot recommended by Magda Gessler. Quality for years at a low price. Cast iron pot recommended by Magda Gessler. Quality for years at a low price.

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If Magda Gessler herself recommends a pot, there is no need to think long about its purchase. The cast iron cookware chosen by the celebrity is extremely versatile and will meet the expectations of even experienced chefs. We are confident that it will become your favorite kitchen ally right away. The price is tempting!

The advantages of cast iron cookware have been known since the mid-19th century and are still appreciated today. The main reason for their popularity is their resistance to very high temperatures, up to 250 degrees Celsius! It is precisely this property of iron that allows pots made from this material to be used both on the stove and in the oven. Cast iron pots are perfect for preparing one-pot dishes, soups, stews, and even for baking delicious sourdough bread! Long exposure to high temperatures does not scare it, and its ability to accumulate and evenly distribute heat is invaluable during cooking!

The pot recommended by the Polish gastronomy diva is available in four sizes: with a diameter of 20 cm, 22 cm, 25 cm, and 27 cm. Each model comes with a lid equipped with internal protrusions that help maintain the proper level of moisture during meal preparation. The pots from the MG Home Infinito series are made of high-quality cast iron and coated with an enamel layer on the inside. The combination of these materials makes the utensil fully safe for health, as during exposure to high temperatures, the surface does not allow any harmful substances to pass into the food. Moreover, the thick walls and bottom of the utensil effectively retain heat for a long time, both during cooking and after it is finished.

The design of cast iron pots recommended by Magda Gessler refers to classic design. Thanks to their exceptional retro style, they will beautifully present themselves in any kitchen! The saturated and deep red color will delight the eyes of household members and regular kitchen visitors for many years.

IMPORTANT: Remember not to use any detergents to wash cast iron pots – use only running water for cleaning.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | House