Brilliant solution for weeds on the path Brilliant solution for weeds on the path

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Weeds can be a nuisance. Who has never fought with regrowing and stubborn milkweed between the sidewalk tiles? Instead of spending a fortune on devices that are supposed to make sidewalk maintenance easier, try this simple trick. Weeds can't stand it!

Paths and paving in front of the house or in the garden are much more than just communication paths. These elements can complement our project and add charm to many places, but when they are overwhelmed by ubiquitous weeds, things get complicated. Pulling out and weeding the gaps between the sidewalk elements can drive you crazy. It’s like fighting windmills. What to do when we don’t want to use aggressive chemicals or invest in expensive burners?

A beautiful and charming sidewalk in front of the house can give us a lot of work. Its weeding and removing of weeds never ends. Unfortunately, weeds not only affect aesthetic considerations. If there are more of them growing between the stones or slabs of the sidewalk, it is easy to trip over them.

Many people do not want to use strong herbicides that could kill weeds without our effort, especially when children use the garden or animals spend time in it. It is also worth remembering that the use of such substances should always be a last resort, as they additionally threaten other plants and insects. Unfortunately, manual weed control requires time and regularity, and weeds will grow back after a while anyway. Fortunately, instead of tedious pulling, you can use a safe homemade weed killer. Two ingredients are enough, which you already have at home.

You will prepare a great weed spray mixture from vinegar and dishwashing liquid. However, if you add one more ingredient, the homemade poison will gain power, although it will still be natural. Walnuts are enough.

If you have the possibility, also add a walnut extract. Thanks to the content of juglone (a toxic substance found in walnuts), the liquid will work even better. It is precisely because of this chemical compound present in the fruits and leaves of the walnut, other plants grow poorly in its presence or die altogether.

The spray works almost instantly and burns weeds. Just wait about 30-60 minutes and wipe the weeds off the surface of the path. The procedure should be repeated every two months. At the beginning, the frequency can be higher.

During spraying, be careful not to flood other garden plants. The liquid can harm the lawn and other plantings. It is also not advisable to perform any spraying during windy weather, so that the substance does not accidentally land on other plants.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | House