Are you running to the toilet all the time? These products may be to blame. Are you running to the toilet all the time? These products may be to blame.

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A healthy person should urinate from four to ten times a day. A lot depends on our diet, lifestyle, and ambient temperature. Too frequent visits to the toilet are not only inconvenient but can also indicate urinary tract infections. However, sometimes the cause is much more mundane and lies in our diet.

Why do you keep running to the toilet all the time? It could be because of those products.

It is obvious that the more we drink, the more often we need to urinate. Diuretic effects are found in coffee, products with high water content (such as watermelons or cucumbers), as well as some herbs like nettle and horsetail. However, that’s not all. The list of products that make you constantly run to the toilet is much longer. Some items may surprise you.

– In the case of patients with a sensitive bladder or overactive bladder (OAB), it is important to be aware that diet can worsen their symptoms – explains urologist Dr. Anika Ackerman on – Changing the way of eating and eliminating irritating substances often reduces the feeling of discomfort, leading to an improvement in patients’ well-being – she explains.

Even if you don’t have bladder problems, it’s worth limiting or eliminating certain products to avoid future discomfort. “Awareness of which products can irritate the urinary system helps prevent symptoms in healthy individuals,” says Aleece Fosnight, a certified physician assistant specializing in women’s health and urology.

It is a product rich in diuretic caffeine and has an acidic pH. All this makes it irritating to the bladder. It not only increases urine production but also makes it difficult to control the bladder, increasing the risk of leakage.

– Grapefruits or oranges, including their juices, are fruits with a high content of acids – explains Dr. Fenwa Milhouse. – This acidity can cause irritation of the bladder mucosa and worsen painful bladder symptoms. I would definitely recommend avoiding these foods if you have active UTI symptoms or interstitial cystitis – she added.

– Tomatoes are very acidic, which can be a chronic cause of bladder pain for many people, warns Dr. Milhouse. On the other hand, Aleece Fosnight says that these vegetables increase the acidity of urine more than carbonated drinks and significantly irritate the bladder mucosa. Interestingly, cooked tomatoes will be worse in this regard than fresh ones.

It can be dangerous not only for your figure and circulatory system, but also negatively affect the urinary bladder. – By-products of nitrates added to red meat are associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer – claims Dr. Milhouse.

Irritate the mucous membrane of the bladder and cause exacerbation of symptoms. They can also have an activating effect on people suffering from interstitial cystitis or bladder pain syndrome, so it is worth limiting them.

The combination of caffeine, sugar, and carbon dioxide irritates the bladder. Regular consumption of such beverages promotes dehydration, thickens urine, and increases its acidity. This leads to an increased risk of infection.

Although we do not consume them, only smoke them, they also have an impact on the urinary system and can even lead to bladder cancer. – Harmful chemicals contained in tobacco products are filtered by the kidneys and excreted in the urine – explains the specialist. – These chemicals affect the bladder lining, causing cellular changes that lead to bladder cancer – she adds.

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