Anna Lewandowska overdoes with aesthetic medicine? Expert speaks frankly. Anna Lewandowska overdoes with aesthetic medicine? Expert speaks frankly.

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Anna Lewandowska has found herself in the midst of criticism. According to her fans, the trainer interferes too much with natural beauty by undergoing a series of cosmetic procedures. The discussion was joined by a well-known doctor called "the star surgeon," Krzysztof Gojdź, summoned by one of the gossip portals. The expert left no illusions.

Anna Lewandowska willingly poses without makeup, it is evident that she has no complexes, which is understandable – she is a beautiful woman. However, internet users are concerned that she has been using aesthetic medicine treatments too frequently lately. They believe that her face has changed significantly compared to how she looked a few years ago. Does the celebrity really use plastic surgery excessively? The Plotka editorial team asked popular doctor Krzysztof Gojdz. Here’s what he said.

Does Anna Lewandowska overdo with aesthetic medicine?

I love Anka. She looks much better in person than in photos. Did she do anything to her face? Maybe yes, maybe no. I think she is a beautiful woman. If she does anything, it is in a natural and balanced way. She definitely benefits from good aesthetic medicine doctors. She is absolutely beautiful, a natural girl,” said Krzysztof Gojdź in an interview with Plotek.

The surgeon also shared his opinion on why internet users criticize Ania Lewandowska so eagerly.

September, 2023 Armen Aramyan | Beauty