10 women’s fragrances that you will love in autumn 10 women’s fragrances that you will love in autumn

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Perfumes for summer are primarily associated with fresh fruity notes, while in autumn we look for scents that will envelop us in pleasant warmth. Perfumes perfect for colder days are slightly heavier, and therefore sensual and warming. Check out 10 fragrances selected by us that have a chance to captivate you this autumn!

In autumn, we willingly reach for scents associated with mulled wine or gingerbread, so notes of cloves, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon… Often, you can find them in perfumes with an oriental character, where they are complemented by tones of musk, amber, sandalwood, as well as vanilla and exotic flowers. Perfumes from the gourmand category, which smell like… dessert, also prove to be an excellent choice for autumn. In fragrances of this type, you can encounter caramel, toffee, honey, licorice, chocolate, cocoa or pralines, roasted almonds, milky notes, cotton candy, or marshmallow foam.

See our selected women’s perfumes perfect for autumn. They are sensual, expressive, and very feminine!

This extraordinary scent composition is created by pink pepper, seductive magnolia, and an original accord of hot, salty popcorn with delicious caramel. The perfume is sweet, warming, and unique, making it appealing to women who are looking for a lively everyday fragrance.

The intense, oriental scent of Obsession perfume is perfect for autumn evenings. It is strong and sensual, designed for confident women who want to emphasize their hot temperament. The composition consists of fragrance notes such as basil, bergamot, peach, lemon, mandarin, vanilla, amber, incense, musk, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood, jasmine, coriander, and oakmoss.

Perfumes enchant with a warm aroma of spices (including pink pepper) and sweet notes of vanilla. Oriental chords perfectly harmonize with the energy of coffee and the freshness of juicy pear and orange blossom. Licorice, jasmine, cedar, and bitter almond can also be detected. The whole is unconventional and energetic. It’s no wonder that this fragrance has been consistently on the bestseller list since its release in 2014.

This is an oriental-chypre composition perfect for important occasions. At the beginning, you will feel the refreshing notes of bergamot and the sweetness of mandarin, adorned with a unique accent of ylang-ylang. The heart of the fragrance opens with orange blossom and a delicate touch of jasmine. The base of the composition is composed of noble ambergris and sandalwood, strengthened by a sweet note of vanilla.

Euphoria is a fruity-floral fragrance with an oriental note. The main accord is created by black orchid and lotus. In the perfume, you can also detect aromas of pomegranate, musk, amber, mahogany, and violets. The scent is distinct and feminine, while at the same time not overpowering and it blends very well with the natural scent of the body.

The composition is warm, sweet, and creamy-spicy. It’s a real treat for fans of gourmand scents. Juicy fruits combine with milk caramel and warming ginger and cardamom. The whole thing is enclosed in a charming lipstick-shaped bottle.

This is an elegant, intriguing composition from the floral-oriental category. The main scent notes include cyclamen, ylang-ylang, plum, and sandalwood. These perfumes have had their faithful admirers for several years, who appreciate the universal, elegant character of the composition.

Oriental perfumes from Kenzo combine the freshness of mandarin with the sweetness of vanilla and licorice, as well as distinct, slightly sharp notes of spices: cardamom and cumin. The composition is complemented by amber and the exotic flower ylang-ylang. All of this makes the perfumes sensual, warming, and very tempting – they will appeal to women who are looking for long-lasting, yet refined scents.

The perfume base consists of vanilla and sandalwood. Milk chocolate adds sweetness and lightness to it. The heart note is dominated by orchid, and the top note is dominated by bergamot, blackcurrant, truffle, and ylang-ylang. These aromas create a distinctive and slightly mysterious scent with oriental characteristics.

It is an oriental-floral, exquisite fragrance that will perfectly warm you up on cold days. The composition opens with a combination of fresh bergamot, orange, and delicate violet. The heart of the scent belongs to black coffee mixed with flowers and juicy pear. The base is intensely scented with vanilla, caramel, and patchouli.

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